Annie Locke Scherer

Annie Locke is a doctoral researcher at KTH Architecture School in Stockholm, Sweden. Her current doctoral research at KTH focuses on the integration of computational design and fabrication with fabric formwork, parametric patterning, and concrete. She graduated from University of Michigan with a Masters in Architecture with a special focus on robotics and digital fabrication, and completed a one year M.Sc. post-professional degree at the University of Stuttgart Integrative Technologies (ITECH) program in 2016. She has taken part in projects such as the 2014-2015 ITECH Pavilion, Francois Roche's "Feral Child" film set, Arthur Mamou-Mani's Galaxia Temple 2018, and project-led the Temple of Tokamak (2019). At KTH, she has instructed the Breaking the Mould seminar (2017) and Master-level Studio 09: Architectural Notations with her colleague Pablo-Miranda Carranza (2017-2019).

Course Blogs: 

Studio 09 (years 4-5) (2017-2018, 2018-2019)

Breaking the Mould Concrete seminar (2017-2018)