A majestic, fractal flower stretching 10m in diameter, Floreplay is a space that invites you to become a part of the flora symmetry. Placed in a giant pyramid at Boesdal Kalkbrud, this light installation was the center of the opening ceremony at The Borderland, a regional Burning Man festival in Denmark. During the night, a programmed light show brings petals to life. The substructure is constructed with metal piping and custom cut plastic Strawbee connectors with a custom-sewn geotextile covering allowing for snuggling, cuddling, exploring, and playing.

Concept art by: Annie Locke Scherer

Photo by: Yann Houlberg Andersen

Photo by: Yann Houlberg Andersen


Thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication; without you this project would not have been possible.

Special thanks to the Borderland dream grants that financed this entire project.


Project Leads: 
Annie Locke Scherer
Olle Bjerkås

The Team:
Magnus Ziegler
Pontus Hammarberg
Therese Johansson
Olof Herlin
Frida Axö
Sara Gelfgren
Simion lulian Belea

With assistance from:
Daniel Bure
Konrad Leffler
Cassie Christiansen
Oded Sharon
Lee Eden
Olivia Walter Arte
Lukas Lilja
Gustaf Josefson
Sanna Benemar
Frans Fassan
Axel Nyström

Drone footage: Justin Phelps
Photo credit: Yann Houlberg Andersen

And to everyone else who stopped by and contributed. We love you!